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More than a year has passed since I reported here. The Valcash goats have enjoyed the summer on the alpine pastures well and are now back in their winter quarters in St. Niklaus.

The Valcash harvest in April 2022 was moderate (about 1 kg of pure Valcash), but of best quality. One half we will use for weaving (scarves) and the other half for knitting yarn.

Time does not stand still and we are getting older and older. We are therefore still looking for a brave Valais woman or a Valaisan who wants to take over our goats and possibly continue to breed them.

If you are interested, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Valcash scarves are no longer available; but we still have about a dozen 50g balls of knitting yarn. In addition, we continue to sell scarves from Srinagar and Ladakh. Maybe you are still looking for a special Christmas gift.

During April, we managed to comb all 23 ValCash goats “harvesting” a bumper crop of almost 3 kg of raw ValCash. This together with the ValCash harvest of 2020 will soon be further processed (washing, dehairing, carding, spinning and weaving) before we can offer new ValCash products at the end of this year.

We are still looking for potential ValCash enthusiasts, who are ready to take over up to 7 goats (2 female goats for breeding and 5 castrated billy goats) – and this definitely for a modest price.

Following almost 5 months on the Wengernalp-Unterbächji and 2 months on the Jungen Alp, all 23 Valcash goats safely arrived at their winter stable in St. Niklaus during the first week of December.

We are still looking for potential Valcash enthusiasts, who are ready to take over up to 13 goats – and this definitely for a modest price.

As 2020 was not indeed a “normal” year, we did not organize any Valcash spinning or weaving, and hence no new Valcash products are available. Nevertheless, we have some shawls from Srinagar and Ladakh for sale. May be you are still looking for a special Xmas gift.

Layna Schal Leh Ladakh


In the second week of April, we combed all 36 goats – because of 'Corona' unfortunately without friends, who have always supported us in previous years. We are completely satisfied with a good ValCash yield and an even better quality.

On 9 May, we were able to provide a total of 13 goats a new home on two farms in Graubünden and in the Bernese Mittelland. We hope that the new owners will have lots of fun with our ValCash goats – and may continue breeding them.

In mid-May, the remaining 23 goats will make their way to the alpine pastures on the Alpe Wengernalp-Unterbächji near the Topali hut. They will spend the summer there at heights of up to 3 200m.

Scarves, neck scarves and knitting yarn:
Only a few Layna (Kashmir) scarves from Srinagar and Leh are still for sale. Replenishment is not yet secured.

ValCash scarves, neck scarves and knitting yarn can be preordered (please use contact form).

Next combing of the goats is scheduled to take place between 10 and 20 April 2020. Volunteers are welcome and are guaranteed a true “ValCash goat experience” – as well as a 50% reduction on Leyna shawls from Srinagar.

We are still looking for interested people, who like to take over up to 15 of our Valcash goats (see also ”News” of 19 December 2019 below).


With the help of friends, over 20 ValCash goats were combed at the end of March 2019. We decided to keep it at its raw condition and add it to the 2020 harvest for scouring and dehairing all together in April 2020.

In May 2019, almost 40 goats moved to the high alpine pastures close to the Topali Mountain Cottage situated some 10 miles South of Zermatt. They spent the summer at altitudes up to 3,200m and returned in excellent conditions to the Matter Valley in St. Niklaus in late October 2019.

Due to limited space during winter, we have to reduce the number of goats. Therefore, we have to give away at least 15 goats, half of them eight and 20 months old, respectively. Most of them are castrated billy goats (wethers) but all of them produce ValCash of high quality (see most recent fiber analysis in 2019).

Anybody interested to take over some of the goats or all 15, please let us know via the contact form.

Please note: ValCash products are sold out but you may still order shawls from Srinagar and Ladakh.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+41 78 637 30 51

If you would like more information on Valcash goats, you may leave your contact details here.

If you like to buy a Layna shawl or a Valcash shawl, scarf or knitting yarn, please go to the shop.

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